How To Get The Most Out Of A Trip To The Nursery

When you walk into a nursery you may be overwhelmed with color, scents, and the different textures of the plants. Everything looks beautiful and you want it all in your yard. However, if you want your landscaping to create the same sensual effect as the nursery, you need to plan ahead and take a good look at your yard. You also need to take the time to read the information on the plant tags. Here are the main things you need to look for.


Not all areas of your yard get the same amount or type of sun. There are going to be shady areas that will move around as the sun crosses the sky. An area that might be nice and sunny in the morning may be in the shade for a good part of the day and vice versa. Read the tags on the nursery plants you want to make sure that the area you have planned for them gets enough sun. It is also important to keep plants that grow best in the shade or little sun out of the sunniest area of the yard.

Blooming Time

There are two things to notice on the plant tag when it comes to blooming times. If the plant is an annual, it will produce colorful blooms for most of the growing season. However, they are going to have to be replanted each year. Perennials will come back year after year but have a short blooming time. To get the most color and aroma, plant a combination of both perennials and annuals. You should also notice in what month a perennial blooms. This way you can plant types that will bloom in succession. Plant a few early bloomers, some that will be show in the middle of the season, and some that do not produce flowers until the end of the season. There will be some overlap that will have multiple types showing off at the same time.


Not all flowers grow to the same height. You want to place the taller flowers in the back or middle of the plot so you can still see smaller plants. Use flowering ground cover at the very front or around the rest of the flowers.

While it can be tempting to buy the plant that has the most flowers on it, look for ones that are not quite in bloom yet. This way they will be at their best when in your yard and not at the nursery. Do not hesitate to ask nursery personnel about the plants you want to buy. You can learn a lot that will keep your yard looking as good as the nursery when you do. To find out more, speak with a business like Bob Williams Nursery Inc.

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