Customizing Fertilizer: Can It Be Done?

When you think of fertilizer, you probably think of various types of manure. After all, that is what the farmers use on their crops. So it begs the question--can you get different types of fertilizer, mixed or customized? The answers may surprise you.

The Composition of Fertilizer

Many a fertilizer manufacturer takes in loads of chicken, cow, duck, goose and other types of manure to create fertilizer. There is no one singular mix of fertilizer for sale. Instead these fertilizer manufacturers treat the manure with different chemicals to kill pests and bacteria so that the fertilizer is safe for humans to use in their gardens and flower beds (although you may still want to use gardening gloves because it is still manure).

Then the manufacturer makes mixtures of these manures to create specific formulas for different types of plants and different soil PHs. The PH level of the soil dictates what types of fertilizer are needed to supplement the soil and help things grow. Other nutrients may be added to the fertilizer mixes as well, such as phosphates, calcium, silicates, etc.

Customizing Fertilizer

In the off-chance that you need a customized fertilizer, fertilizer companies can actually make that for you. You can request a ppm (parts per million) increase in just about any mineral, vitamin, chemical and/or type of manure you need. If you want them to add a little peat or make the fertilizer more liquid, you can also do that. Given the various states and locations of numerous types of soil in the U.S., many fertilizer manufacturers began customizing and tinkering with fertilizer formulas years and years ago. Ergo, asking them for something you want customized a very specific way is no trouble at all. (Your only difficulty might be that you will need to order a large bulk amount, since these companies do not make special batch fertilizers in one- or two-bag quantities.)

Requesting All-Organic, Chemical-Free, Manure Free Fertilizers

If you want a fertilizer that is completely manure-free, chemical free and all organic, there are some companies that have taken up the call for this type of product. These fertilizers are usually made from decayed and decaying plants and microscopic organisms that are good for the soil. It is akin to compost, only the companies that make it make sure that there is a perfect balance of nutrients in the fertilizer and not just a sort of lop-sided mix of scraps from your table. You may have to special order this type of fertilizer, since many retail stores do not carry it.

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