Why Cylinder Planters Are Ideal for Your Indoor Plants and Tips for Using Them

Indoor plants add a lot to your home decor. Whether you're going for a country cottage look or something more stately, the right pots and plants help you make a statement. Cylinder planters are ideal for indoor plants of all types and sizes. Here's why these planters are a great choice as well as some tips for using them.

Cylinder Planters Fit All Types of Decor

Cylinder planters come in many different styles, unlike traditional terracotta pots or bowl baskets. You can buy inexpensive plastic cylinder pots for starting plants or for using outdoors. Plain or hand-painted ceramic cylinder planters add to the decor of your living room or kitchen. Small planters are perfect for a kitchen herb garden that fits on a windowsill. Large planters can hold a small tree or large plant in a stand near your entry. Cylinder planters come in all sizes and are made from a variety of materials, which makes them suitable for any type of plant and decor.

Tips for Using Cylinder Planters

If you choose a planter for its unique artistic design, give careful thought to the type of plant you'll put in it to complement the planter's appearance. If you can't find the right plant or if you can't keep plants alive, then consider silk plants or flowers instead. Just place a floral foam brick in the planter so you can push the stems of dried flowers or silk plants into it to hold them in place.

Some cylinder pots may have a drainage hole in the bottom. If so, be sure to place the planter in a dish to catch water. A drain shelf might even be a permanent part of some planters you buy. Remember that water will drain out of the hole when you water the plant, so protect your furniture when using a planter with a drain hole. A planter without a hole won't leak, but the water might build up and make the soil too soggy for your plants. This problem is easy to avoid by placing gravel, broken pieces of terracotta pots, or small rocks in the bottom of the planter before you add the soil. These additions keep the soil elevated so water can drain through the rocks.

Growing indoor plants is a fun hobby that's also useful if you grow herbs and vegetable plants that you can eat. However, plants grown for their beauty are also valuable additions to your house. Part of caring for indoor plants and keeping them alive is starting with a planter of the right size and that drains well. When you choose cylinder planters, you get function and style too.

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