Are You Landscaping Your Back Yard?

Did you already complete the landscaping for your front yard? If so, maybe it looks so nice that you have been inspired to give extra attention to your backyard landscaping. Do you have a plan already? Maybe you are looking for ideas. From arranging for sand and gravel to be delivered to your house to buying new decorative pots, here are some ideas that might help you.

Arrange For Sand And Gravel Delivery

Think of establishing a hardscape as part of your backyard landscaping. Besides adding interest to the landscape design, it will also lighten your workload. 

As part of your hardscape, consider having sand and gravel delivered so that it can be used as the foundation for the hardscape. Placing sand beneath the gravel will probably make for a more secure foundation. The color of the sand at the bottom of the hardscape doesn't really matter. However, when you place your order for the gravel, think of choosing multicolored stones. For example, a variety of gravel colors, such as light tan, mocha, and dark brown, will just add a bit of pizzaz to the foundation of the hardscape design. White, gray, and black gravel would also be a good choice. 

The same company that sells the sand and gravel will more than likely also have larger stones for sale. Think of buying large stones in colors that will complement the gravel you selected. For example, if you went with white, gray, and black for the color of your gravel, a large lava black stone placed in an artistic manner would add drama to the design.

Buy Decorative Pots 

Decorative pots in different sizes and shapes would be a nice way to enhance both your hardscape and the rest of your front yard landscape plan. For example, hand-painted colorful pots on top of the gravel would be a great look. Fill them with colorful plants, and the look will be even more impressive. 

Think of buying different hues of colorful pots for the rest of the landscaped area. For example, different hues of orange against a green lawn would be beautiful. Huge turquoise-colored pots with small palm trees would be a nice touch, too. You can also buy pots that look like they've tipped over and fill them with plants or flowers like moss rose and bougainvillea, which will give the impression that they are spilling out of the tipped pots. 

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